Bro RC Bodyboarder: a radio-controlled boogie boarder that lands a bagful of tricks

In just two weeks, Dominic Young, the founder of Bro RC Surfer, created a radio-controlled bodyboarder.

Does it work? Well, the result is pretty impressive.

The handmade gadget made of glass over foam glides incredibly well across the water, and the performance in the waves is quite remarkable.

The plastic bodyboarder is able to pull some of the modern bodyboarding tricks, including the ARS, el rollo, cutbacks, huge backflips, and a few unnamed maneuvers.

A Speedy Boogieboarder

The remote-controlled boogie boarder is not a small toy. In fact, it is rather big - around 30 inches - which makes it even more exciting when you're controlling it from the beach.

"Those who bodyboard will have a greater appreciation knowing how much they need to move their weight around the board to maintain the ideal balance/position in the varying positions on the wave," notes Young.

The South African inventor had already mastered the art of remote control surfing with his surfer-surfboard models, so the transition to prone riding was relatively easy.

"The board has plenty of speed. In fact, a touch more than what I feel is required. Hence, I have decided to rather order and fit a lower revving motor, allowing for more torque and bigger propulsion, i.e., even more punch!"

The Bro RC Bodyboarder is available for around $1,550.

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