The shocking cancellation of the IBA Pipe Challenge 2013

January 30, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Pipe Challenge: no rider in the barrel for 2013

The International Bodyboarding Association has announced the shocking cancellation of the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge, in Hawaii, scheduled for the 16th February.

The 30th Anniversary of the Pipe Challenge is not going to take place in 2013. The announcement made by the IBA World Tour shocked athletes and bodyboarding fans worldwide.

"The 2013 Pipe Challenge has been forced to be cancelled as a result of the complete lack of industry sponsorship for the event. The IBA had been in sponsorship discussions with industry companies and out of industry companies for a period of over 6 months", the official statement tells.

"There were a number of positive leads that have fallen away over December and January for various reasons, the most recent being this week. All options have been explored to continue with the running of the event, though the decision taken to cancel the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge".

The worst way of kicking off the 2013 IBA World Tour has also surprised the new manager of the bodyboarding circuit, Alex Leon. "The industry needs to support the IBA World Tour to ensure growth and prosperity for this sport. It's a sad day for the IBA, its athletes and supporters".

The Men's and Women's 2013 IBA World Tour is now scheduled to commence, in Australia, in April 2013, with further details to be confirmed in the coming weeks. The Drop-Knee World Tour kicks off in Peru in March 2013.

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