The South American hat-trick of bodyboarding

April 28, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Antofagasta: cold and perfect waves

After the successful Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding, in Australia, the world's best riders are packing to a three-event leg, in South America. Important points are at stake and the long journey is still in the beginning.

It's time for the 6-Star GQS event named Antofagasta Bodyboarding Festival. The contest will be surfed in the fantastic waves of Chile, in the chase for a massive $40,000 prize money, between May 9th-13th.

A large contingent of professional bodyboarders is expected in Chile. The spot is located only 100 kilometres away from snowy mountains, in untouched IBA territory.

"Atruro and his team have been working hard for the past four months to make this one of the best events in the world. The event will feature live scoring, live webcast and a structure that most other events can only dream of, plus the waves are perfect", says IBA Tour manager Terry McKenna.

The wave peak is called "Power Dome" and is located in the south of the city of Antofagasta, just 15 minutes from downtown.

After Antofagasta, 24 of the globe's finest competitive bodyboarding talents are set to hit the idyllic reef break of Chile's "El Gringo", from May 18th-27th, for the third event on the IBA Grand Slam Series.

The Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge saw 10 feet bombs peeling off the reef, last year. "El Gringo, it's amazing. What more can I say", said Guilherme Tamega after tasting it.

Finally, bodyboarders wrap up the South American hat-trick in the shores of Itacoatiara, Brazil. The venue is a renowned wave 40 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro and is famous for thick, heavy mega-wedges that will pump fans between June 7th-17th.

¡Qué empiece la fiesta!