Tand Invitational 2013 storms South Africa

June 20, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Marc McCarthy: defying Tand

The Tand Invitational 2013 is South Africa's leading high-performance bodyboarding contest and will be run over a three-week window period, from 24th June to 14th July.

The third edition of the Tand Invitational will take place at the reef break named Tand, just outside Paternoster, along the Cape West Coast.

Sixteen top South African riders are invited to compete in a spot where only skills and commitment will take you to glory.

"Tand has a serious intimidation factor. You have to face your fears by pushing yourself as close as physically possible to the rock situated in line with the take-off", says Sacha Specker, the 2012 IBA Drop-Knee champion.

The 16 competitors will include the four finalists from last year's event, four impressive local riders and four wild card entrants selected by the event organizers. The remaining four competitors will be selected by the Tand Invitational Trials.

Jared Houston and Marc McCarthy have already confirmed they will be playing the Tand's dangerous game.

"The wave has a feeling of raw power. It's a short and intense ride with endless maneuver possibilities", adds Specker.

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