These bodyboarders have "Royal Blood" in their veins

December 1, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Royal Blood: a bodyboarding monarchy

Were you born with "Royal Blood"? If not, watch the kings of contemporary bodyboarding from a different perspective.

Angles. "Royal Blood," the new film by Tyge Landa, is all about innovative, fresh new angles.

Although it is never easy to introduce change in action sports movies, Landa did it. Zooming in and shooting from unexpected viewpoints.

In the heart of the kingdom, Ben Player, Jake Stone, Ryan Hardy, Jones Russell, and Jase Finlay display royal ancestry.

They're monarchs with bodyboarding running through their veins.

With its medieval soundtrack, stunning slow-motion shots, and attention to detail, "Royal Blood" is already hailed as one of the best bodyboarding flicks of the decade.

"Will 'Royal Blood' be spilled?", the movie asks. Absolutely, we tell you.