Gripboard: a different type of bodyboard

The GripBoard offers a faster and more maneuverable ride than conventional bodyboards. The GripBoard is a molded, foam-injected board with a patented "grip" that makes turning the board simple (no leaning over the board and onto the rails).

The molded fins on the bottom of the GripBoard create wave compression to push the board forward with power and control.

The shaped nose of the GripBoard lets you duck-dive back through the wave at the end of your ride and easily go through the waves on your way back out.

The result is a smoother, faster ride that can cut in any direction on any wave.

The GripBoard is made in Orange County, California. It is available in two sizes (23'' and 31''), each of which offers a different and exciting riding experience.

Unlike foam boards, the GripBoard lets any rider, big or small, old or young, handle whatever the ocean serves up. And the best part? Your investment in the GripBoard will last for years.

Raised the son of a pilot in the Florida Keys, Thorpe "Sharkey" Reeder has never lived far from the ocean.

Moving to California in 1977, he took up surfing, but an unlucky skateboard accident made this new hobby difficult, and he turned to bodysurfing.

To improve his bodysurfing experience, he used a Mcdonald's lunch tray, screwed fins made out of teak to the bottom of the tray, and adhered a crude handle on top.

This little device would "lock" you into the wave, shooting under and avoiding the crashing falls.

The bodyboarders became mere "construction cones" for Thorpe as he slalomed his way through them with his new GripBoard.

These same bodyboarders begged Thorpe to make one for them, and you know what? He delivered!

Source: Gripboard

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