Three stages cancelled in the 2012 Rebel Sport Pro Tour

September 19, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Rebel Sport Tour: tough landing

The 2012 Rebel Sport Pro Tour suffered a major knock with the cancellation of the three critical bodyboarding events.

The IBA Australasia has announced that Knights Beach Pro, the Vico Pro and the QAB Pro will not be surfed by the best bodyboarders in Australia.

"IBA Australasia increased minimum prize money for events to $7000, in an attempt to raise the bar for riders", explains general manager Terry McKenna.

"We talked to most of the pros. They wanted less events and more money, so in this transition year we have lost a few key events. But I am confident that all three will return next year, bigger and better".

The Knights Beach Pro was the first cancellation, after Tim Doman left Surfing SA. Tim was the driving force behind the event and sadly the Surfing SA crew did not find sufficient sponsorship to stage the event in 2012.

Next was the Vico Pro. Chris Bagot and the team are staging a State titles and offering cash instead. The current financial position of the club and lack of prior planning for the 2012 event led them to focus on the State titles.

Finally, QAB's Brett McAskill confirmed that there was a vote by the committee to cancel the QAB Pro.

This means that the fourth and final event of the 2012 Rebel Sport Pro Tour will now be the Rebel Sport Pro, in Kiama, in November, in conjunction with the RAW Nationals, between November 26th and December 2nd.

The champion will be crowned on the best three results out of the four events held in 2012.

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