Bodyboards: need wax, dude? | Photo: Luk

Waxing down a bodyboard is not a matter of style. The world's best bodyboarders have different views on whether you should wax a competitive bodyboard.

Also, some riders believe there are unique waves that need glue between the body and the board, even if they prefer not to use wax in a regular wave ride.

New bodyboards are too slippery because they still come with industrial protection, which makes them very appealing. That is why there are always moments for waxing a bodyboard's deck.

So, how and where should you wax up your gear?

If you're gaining speed down the face of the wave, there are several body contact regions that should stick to the board.

Watch a video of where to wax a bodyboard.

Usually, wax is needed in the areas where your hands grab the board, along the rails, in your chest, lower abdominal area, elbows, arms, and hips.

Waxing your bodyboard in these zones will reduce the chances of wipeouts in bigger barreling wave conditions.

The chest always slides on the bodyboard, so extra wax is a good idea. Smaller riders also wax down the genital contact area of the bodyboard.

Don't worry - it won't harm you.

Many bodyboarders wax their wetsuits and hands instead of applying glue to the board.

However, that is not as efficient as waxing down the board and will reduce your wetsuit's lifetime.

Customizing wax application is very important. There is no strict, universal guide for waxing down a bodyboard.

Finally, remember that surf wax is far from being green. Please choose eco-friendly wax brands.

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