Tom Morey: always smiling, wherever he is | Photo: Sol Morey

Tom Morey, who passed away peacefully on October 14, 2021, carefully prepared his funeral.

In 2015, the surfer and inventor of the modern boogie board left a comprehensive note with all the details surrounding his burial wishes.

The message features all the elements about how he wanted his remains dealt with.

"We share this with you all to communicate the spirit in which Tom viewed the shedding of this life, the conventions that surround death and burial, and the humor and love that stood at the center of his being," underlines Mike Stewart, one of his closest and oldest friends.

"The document has not been edited in any way; all spelling and grammatical errors have been left intact to convey the authenticity of his voice."

Tom Morey's Burial Wishes

My Last Will And Testament 20-year Warning, 11/12/15

I wish to be buried in strict accordance with Baha'i Teachings.

Most certainly NOT CREMATED, a shock to the soul. Specifically, not 'my soul' regarded as though it were an appendage... (like say a gizzard).

Rather THE soul as in the all pervasive omnipotent ME which developed a portion as the character you knew as Tom Morey.

I am ever present night and day, beyond physical limitation, regardless of what limited senses can smell, feel, hear, touch or see.

A melting iceberg exists as water before it is frozen. Imagine me and I exist for you.

Imagine, for example, Donald Duck, sitting uncomfortably at the Thanksgiving dinner, squirming and sweating while host Goofy is carving up a turkey, his brow furrowed... tip of tongue touching tip of olive black nose, knife and fork held awkwardly, scraps of skin and meat scattered on table, some still air borne... beads of sweat coming off GOOFY while seated guests on look.

Some incredulously.
Others, sleepily, the nephew pre occupied with some thing else.
Guests include:

Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie...
Uncle Scrooge McDuck... Gladstone Gander...
Clarabell Cow... Mickey and Mini Mouse...
Gyroll Gear Loose
Walt and artist Carl Barks...
then you can certainly imagine me. And thus I will EXIST for you.

Baha'i Faith: Tom Morey believed that God periodically reveals his will through divine messengers | Photo: Creative Commons

Baha'i Burial Laws

In brief, the Bahá'í law for the burial of the dead states that it is forbidden to carry the body for more than one hour's journey from the place of death; (my comment: probably to prevent spoilage. Penned before the ability to refrigerate or freeze something the size of a body).

The body should be wrapped in a shroud of silk or cotton, (I choose cotton).

A few beach towels bungied, duck taped or masking taped on will be preferable... (Least expensive and most expedient being the preferred criterion).

On its finger should be placed a ring bearing the inscription "I came forth from God, and return unto Him, detached from all save Him, holding fast to His Name, the Merciful, the Compassionate";

"The coffin should be of crystal, stone or hard fine wood."

I choose plywood made by family members (Moon being the most versed these days and having a few woodworking tools could lead the activity. But whoever, fine).

"A specific Prayer for the Dead is ordained, to be said before interment."

(This prayer along with others can be easily found on the web)

Here's California law:

A. No law requires a casket for burial, You may build your own casket. You should check with the cemetery; it may have rules requiring a certain type of container.

B. Federal law requires funeral homes to accept caskets that consumers have purchased from another source, such as an online retailer.

If arranging for a burial site without buying an expensive casket becomes a problem please handle it.

I'd settle for roadside burial along the highway, maybe in Mexico.

I want the nature of my casket to make a public statement by virtue of its simplicity.

Namely, to show that making a big deal of this damn thing with thousands of dollars spent on a casket is lunacy; a totally unnecessary burden on the family.

I'd like it to be just as simple as can be. Unless you guys figure out something simpler:

Moon (nearby) or Sol could easily build it. Whoever 1/8"-5/16" plywood.
Classic coffin shape, good enough.

Don't waste time miter cutting the joints. Just butt together the inside edges. Use dabs of hot melt glue to tack the thing together for positioning.

Then beads of Gorilla glue and spray with enough water to fill in the gaps. Then use epoxy or polyester and 2" or 3 "wide f/g or burplap strips to join the wood pieces on the inside. And maybe the outside.

Maybe use sun cure polyester resin.
No handles. Pallbearer can figure this out.
A few nails and Gorilla glue to seal the lid.
Shape. Classic 7 piece coffin shape. No curves. Flat bottom.
ZERO showie craftsman ship.
Zero rocker.
My length is 5 feet 10 inches.

Any writing on casket, hand burned in with soldering iron.

Again the point is, use any prestige I might have gained to move the thinking of those who follow towards keeping it simple, lightweight and above all INEXPENSIVE.

It is just a box bearing a moldering carcass. However, my understanding is that I will still be centered in but be progressively exiting this point of reference.

Or... Simpler. 1.

Mummy wrap my naked body in cotton gauze. Impregnate one surface with light layer of sun cure polyester resin. Move from shade allow 5-20 minutes for partial cure.

Rotate, do additional surface, repeat, etc. Then add thicker coat for re enforcement. Thn thick gloss coat.

Modify these first approximation instructions to allow for swelling of decaying body. Be still and we are still with you.

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