Tom Morey attends inaugural Tandem Boogie Board Competition

August 2, 2019 | Bodyboarding
Kalani Kahalioumi and Tava Kahalioumi: the winners of the inaugural Tandem Boogie Board Competition | Photo: San Clemente Ocean Festival

Tom Morey was the honorary judge of the first-ever tandem boogie board competition, held in San Clemente, California.

It was a special day for everyone attending the 43rd Annual San Clemente Ocean Festival.

The classic water sports event ran the inaugural tandem boogie board contest, a competition that highlights the creativity and the coolness factor.

Thomas Hugh Morey, the legendary wave rider and inventor of the bodyboard, sat in the judges' booth and witnessed the several moves and maneuvers competitors performed close to the pier.

Tom Morey: he loved the tandem boogie board contest | Photo: San Clemente Ocean Festival

Headstands, stand-up rides, 360s, unusual tricks, and wacky stunts - everything was valid for convincing the judges.

Athletes rode XXL boogie boards and executed combined movements while gliding across the small summer waves on offer.

Six teams competed for gold, silver and bronze medals. In the end, the winning boogers were Kalani Kahalioumi and Tava Kahalioumi.

2019 Tandem Boogie Board Competition: judges wanted to see innovative tricks and wacky stunts | Photo: San Clemente Ocean Festival

2019 Tandem Boogie Board Competition | Results

1. Kalani Kahalioumi & Tava Kahalioumi (FBI)
2. Jay Reale & Vicki Reale (
3. Cole Smith & James Ferrel (Big Wedge Groms)
4. Kylie Anderson & Dani Bryner (Branderson)
5. Kaliko Kahoonei & Clayton Fisher (Wahoo International)
6. Amani Lawrence & Shiraz Lawrence (Nine Pointed Stars)