Tom Morey shapes a bodyboard made of sequoia wood

July 4, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Morey: the bodyboard shaped by Tom Morey, Larry Fuller, and Joshua Martin using 3,000-year-old sequoia wood | Photo: Rightmire/OC Register

Tom Morey, Larry Fuller, and Joshua Martin teamed up to shape a bodyboard made of 3,000-year-old giant sequoia wood, in Capistrano Beach, California.

The inventor of the boogie board is still making waves at 81. Morey was invited by Fuller to help produce a different bodyboard using old wood, as part of a 17-year project that honors some of the best surfboard shapers in California and Hawaii.

Donald Takayama and Al Merrick are some of the craftsmen that have already agreed to embark on the idea of producing wood boards. A total of 36 surfboards has already been made.

But for Morey's board, Fuller needed Joshua Martin, an old friend of Tom and son of the legendary shaper Terry Martin. Fuller always thought that the father of modern bodyboarding had to be on the list.

"He is singularly the most important man in surfing in our lifetime, for people learning how to surf and enjoying the water. How can you not have someone like this represented in a collection where you’re trying to honor great men that have contributed to surfing," Larry Fuller told OC Register.

The sequoia wood was harvested in 1973 in the Sierra Nevada. Fuller then used a 1980s template to shape four unique boogie boards with a branding iron mark that says everything: "Morey."

Here are a few things you didn't know about Tom Morey.


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