Top 24 bodyboarders gear up for the 2012 IBA World Tour

December 25, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: partying in the water

The 2012 world bodyboarding season is warming up. The 24 bodyboarders that will compete at the Grand Slam Series (GSS) are already set and defined for another year of barrels, wedges and ARS.

Pierre-Louis Costes, the 2011 IBA World Tour champion, leads the fleet with new faces and talents. Alex Uranga, Andrew Lester, Chase O’Leary and Sam Bennett are some of the new riders from the Global Qualifying Series coming to the pro division.

The first event of 2012 will be the iconic Pipeline Pro, running from February 10th to 25th, in Hawaii. The Box Pro, from March 26th to April 4th, with the infamous Box and Gas Bay will be an awesome showdown. After last year’s crazy final action, the anticipation is high for another epic event.

Bodyboard girls will have a stand-alone event just for them. The Manapany Surf & Music Festival will pump Reunion Island, from March 7th to 9th.

The Port Macquarie Bodyboarding Festival is a new addition to the Tour taking place from April 14th to 23rd. Port Macquarie is the capital of bodyboarding in Australia and this will an emotional contest.

Then, expect GQS and GSS bodyboarding battles in Chile, (Antofagasta and Arica Chilean Challenge), Iquique (La Cosa Pro), Itacoatiara, Shark Island, Puerto Escondido (Zicatela Pro), Sintra (Portugal Pro), New Jersey (Jenks Pro), Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Azores and Canary Islands.

The IBA are making structural changes to the competition format which, will be announced shortly.

"IBA set a great foundation last year that we can build off in 2012. We have fresh faces, some new venues and I believe that we are going to see the sport really boom off the back of our new TV series. It's exciting times ahead for all. This is the new Dream Tour", says IBA World Tour manager, Terry McKenna.

The Global Qualifying Series' riders will be aiming for a ticket in the Grand Slam Series. To qualify a rider needs one stand-alone GQS event result, one GSS Trials result and their national tour ranking.

2000 points each for a stand-alone and Trials event and 1000 points for National Tour Ranking. Five thousand points are the maximum points a rider can achieve on the GQS.

2012 IBA World Tour | Top 24 Bodyboarders of the Grand Slam Series

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (France)
2. Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)
3. Ryan Hardy (Australia)
4. Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island)
5. Uri Valadao (Brazil)
6. Guilherme Tamega (Brazil)
7. Dave Winchester (Australia)
8. Magno Oliveira (Brazil)
9. Mark McCarthy (South Africa)
10. Jared Houston (South Africa)
11. Dallas Singer (Australia)
12. Jake Stone (Australia)
13. Ben Player (Australia)
14. Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
15. Eder Luciano (Brazil)
16. Michael Novy (Australia)
17. Alex Uranga (Basque Country)
18. Andrew Lester (Australia)
19. Chase O’Leary (Australia)
20. Sam Bennett (Australia)
21. Mitch Rawlins (Australia)
22. Yeray Martinez (Canary Islands)
23. Roberto Bruno (Brazil)
24. Thomas Rigby (Australia)

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