Triple victory for Dave Hubbard at the 2015 Ala Moana Bowls Challenge

June 22, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Dave Hubbard: winning everything | Photo: Banzai Productions

Dave Hubbard stormed the 2015 Ala Moana Bowls Challenge, on Oahu's South Shore.

The bodyboarder from Kauai won three divisions in the opening round of the 2015 IBA Hawaii season. Dave Hubbard, who celebrated his birthday on the International Surfing Day, conquered the Pro Men, Stand-Up, and Drop-Knee competitions.

"Wow! This was a great event. Probably one of the funnest ones I've ever done. I think the difference was wave knowledge and confidence in my riding and just the waves I caught," commented Dave.

The youngest of the Hubbard brothers had to defeat Sammy Morretino and Mike Stewart in the decisive Pro Men's final. "It was tricky, and I sat in the big bowl the last 5 or 6 minutes and it paid off for me," added Dave.

Morretino has just graduated into the pro ranks, but the managed to finish runner-up with perfectly-timed air maneuvers and deep tube rides, ahead of bodyboard legend Mike Stewart.

A total of six division winners were handed ten thousand dollars of cash and prizes over the two days. The event had great waves, and everyone had a blast.

In the Women's division, it was Melanie Bartels who snagged the win from Karla Costa Taylor. Taylor started the heat with a couple of beautiful rolls, but Bartels found a solid deep tube ride scoring above eight points for the win.

Ben Severson, who was also the contest organizer, proved he still has it. At 50 years of age, Severson won the new Masters division straight up. He was in the lead the whole way looking like he was 20 again.

2015 Ala Moana Bowls Challenge | Results

Pro Men
1. Dave Hubbard
2. Sammy Morretino
3.Mike Stewart
4. Trevor Kam

Pro Women
1 .Melanie Bartels
2. Karla Costa Taylor
3. Summer Hillen4
4. Traci Effinger

1. Ben Severson
2. Jimmy Hutaf
3. Pat Caldwell
4. Dean Marzol

1. Dave Hubbard
2. Joshua Trotter
3. Sammy Moretino
4. Mack Crilley

Stand Up
1. Dave Hubbard
2. Sammy Morretino
4. Keahi Parker
5. Rob Keyser

Junior Pro
1. Kawika Kamai
2. Matthew Orourke
3. Joa Auweloa
4. Kolu Kalama