2018 West Beach Warfare: plenty of scoring opportunities | Photo: APB

Tristan Roberts has taken out the 2018 West Beach Warfare, in Port Alfred, South Africa.

The contest officially kicked off the 2018 APB World Tour season and attracted some of the country's best bodyboarders, including the defending world champion Iain Campbell.

The West Beach Warfare is a 1-Star qualifying event with a $5,000 prize purse and delivered contestable three-foot wedges. The highly competitive vibe raised the quality of the rides, and the semifinals set the tone for the ultimate clash.

Despite the choppy conditions, Roberts and Michael Ostler started the final and made sure to unveil their trumps. Ostler landed an ARS and a few inverts, but Tristan's tactics ended up paying off.

"I'm really stoked to get the win. It's been the best way to start the year, and I look forward to getting to South America next month to compete," expressed Tristan Roberts.

"Thanks everyone for the great weekend down at Port Alfred. It was so lekker! Well done to the other competitors. We definitely capitalized on all conditions we were given and tried our best to display the sport in the best light possible."

The next stop on the 2018 APB World Tour is the Antofagasta BB Festival, at La Cupula, in Chile, from May 20-207

2018 West Beach Warfare | Top 4

1. Tristan Roberts
2. Michael Ostler
3. Iain Campbell
4. Alex Nutt

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