2021 Tand Invitational: the ultimate South African bodyboarding competition | Photo: Tand Invitational

Tristan Roberts has taken out the 2021 Tand Invitational in Cape Town, South Africa.

After three years of lying dormant, the beast has finally awoken with firing barreling waves exploding down the line.

This year, the iconic bodyboarding event had four world champions competing for the trophy - Jared Houston, Iain Campbell, Tristan Roberts, and Sacha Specker.

The competition is named after Cape Columbine's devilish "Tand" wave and is an IBC World Tour specialty event.

Despite the dangerous conditions, riders didn't hold back and started to take off deep in the green cylinders from the get-go.

Tand has once again allowed bodyboarders to take full advantage of the tube time before launching themselves into the air, courtesy of the high-speed, 60-degree angle liquid ramps.

The whitewash coming off the nearby rocks could be simultaneously a good or a terrible thing.

2021 Tand Invitational: there were plenty of barrels and ramps on offer | Photo: Tand Invitational

A World-Class Final

As the contest moved to the finals, the tide dropped, the waves got bigger and steeper, and drama unfolded.

The final saw Tristan Roberts, Mark McCarthy, Jared Houston, and Sacha Specker battling it out for the prestigious bodyboarding title.

In the end, it was the 2019 APB World Tour champion who prevailed.

"It's been a rollercoaster of emotions. The Tand Invitational is one of the best things - if not the best thing - to happen to South African bodyboarding," expressed Roberts.

"Look at this podium - guys, I've always looked up to for inspiration and at times admired their abilities."

"It was incredible to push the level with them. We were all having a chat out in the lineup while trading off our best efforts."

"You guys bring out the best in me, and I thank you for that. What an incredible memory, that was wild boys."

Deon Meyer and his team have once again put on a great show. This is what competitive bodyboarding is all about.

2021 Tand Invitational | Final

1. Tristan Roberts
2. Jared Houston
3. Iain Campbell
4. Sacha Specker

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