Tristan Roberts: he won the 2019 Fronton King Pro and the world title | Photo: APB

Tristan Robers has been crowned the 2019 APB World Tour champion at El Frontón, Caleta de Arriba, Gran Canaria.

It all came down to the final heat of the 2019 APB World Tour season.

Tristan Roberts had to beat Amaury Lavernhe to win his first world title, while Pierre-Louis Costes waited impatiently for the outcome.

Costes, who was eliminated early in the competition, needed Lavernhe to win the event to secure a third world title.

However, the South African started strong, showing that he wanted to bring the most coveted bodyboarding trophy to his country.

Roberts held on to an early lead and celebrated the world title in the water and then with friends and family up on the cliff.

"It feels like I've done the impossible. I thought I had lost the world title this year. I started really really good, I made a few mistakes along the way, and just tried to do my best," explained Roberts.

"I love Gran Canaria. It has always been a big part of me and my riding."

"The Canary Islands helped me through one of the toughest times in my life when my dad passed away, and the community really helped me. I'm forever grateful to all the locals."

In the women's final, Alexandra Rinder put out a splendid performance and defeated Isabela Sousa in front of her home crowd.

2019 Fronton King Pro | Finals

1. Tristan Roberts (RSA) 15.17
2. Amaury Lavernhe (REU) 13.20

1. Alexandra Rinder (CNY) 14.94
2. Isabela Sousa (BRA) 7.33

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