Tristan Roberts steals the Kumba West Coast Classic 2014

May 5, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Tristan Roberts: massive backflip maker

Tristan Roberts has won the Kumba West Coast Classic 2014, in clean three-foot waves, at Famous Last Words, in South Africa.

The Pro Men's final saw Iain Campbell coming up against Roberts. Tristan pulled a smooth backflip and roll to start out the heat. Iain came back with a big backflip on a left, and then Tristan answered with a huge backflip on the next wave.

Iain managed to pull two clean air reverses, as well as a nice barrel to roll. Tristan then got a barrel to air reverse on the right, and another big clean invert. The crowd on the beach went crazy with South Africa's two best riders.

Tristan Roberts ended up winning the Kumba West Coast Classic 2014, with Iain Campbell in the runner-up position, and Mark McCarthy and Terence Pieters on equal third place.

The Drop-Knee final got underway with onshore wind conditions, making it tough for the riders. Dylan van Tonder took the win with sharp cutback snaps and smooth riding. The second place went to Vaughn Harris, who got a really nice backhand floater, while Iain Campbell and Terence Pieters got third and forth.

The Women's division showcased the best performances seen in any South African contest. Pamela Bowren went all out with huge rolls and a massive invert that she just didn't land.

Rosie Lombard fought back hard with long barrels and clean rolls. Bowren took the win, Rosie finished second, Susan Joubert was third, and Georgie McKeone kept forth.

Kumba West Coast Classic 2014 Results:

Pro Men
1. Tristan Roberts
2. Iain Campbell
3. Mark McCarthy and Terence Pieters
5. Adam Morley, Mafoos Lombard, Ethan Nel and Storm Prestwich

1. Dylan van Tonder
2. Vaughn Harris
3. Iain Campbell
4. Terence Pieters

1. Pamela Bowren
2. Rosie Lombard
3. Susan Joubert
4. Georgie McKeone