Tristan Roberts wins the Tand Invitational 2014

July 1, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Tristan Roberts: hiding in the water circle | Photo: Seth Phitides

Tristan Roberts has claimed the Tand Invitational 2014, in powerful eight-foot (2.5 meters) South African surf.

Despite the cold temperatures felt in Cape Town, the exciting waves promised a day full of action. As swell lines hit the reef, perfect speedy barrels funneled across the peak, allowing deep tube rides and huge airs.

The final saw Tristan Roberts battling against Johan De Goede, Henk Esterhuysen, and Iain Campbell. Iain boosted the biggest backflip of the event but, unfortunately, wasn't able to land it properly.

De Goede, an experienced tube rider, showed competence in the pit and pulled the longest barrels of the event. Roberts displayed his trademark backflips, incredible inverts, and perfect barrels to steal the show.

"The riding level really impressed me. In the Boys and Junior finals, the guys were all doing flips and could for sure have given Pros a run for their money. So yes, I'm most definitely looking forward to being back for a bigger and better Plett in 2015," reveals Roberts.

Tristan Roberts seals his second Tand Invitational title and promises to come back for a third attempt in 2015.

Tand Invitational 2014 | Results

1. Tristan Roberts
2. Iain Campbell
3. Storm Prestwich
3. Samuel Kamffer
5. Brode Gleeson
5. Aden Kleve
5. Bradley Moys
5. Wilder Schultz

1. Aden Kleve
2. Chris Bosman
3. Samuel Kamffer
4. Chris Green

1. Georgi McKoene
2. Melissa Bowles
3. Rosie Lombard
4. Robyn Nutt