Triumphant victory for Ali Khushruwan at the Maldives Open 2015

September 21, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Ali Khushruwan: tasty win at the Maldives Open 2015 | Photo: Fadhuoo Images

Ali Khushruwan claimed the Bodyboarding division at the Maldives Open 2015, held in exciting four-to-five-foot surf at Lohis Point.

The local bodyboarder, who finished last year's event in the runner-up position, managed to beat Maldivian Ali Javed and Gavin Botha, winner of the 2014 contest.

"Last year, I was the runner-up, so this feels unbelievable to be the winner this year. I've been training hard, and the waves being bigger this year helped me I think," underlined Khushruwan.

"I really like big waves, but you know we have to compete in all kinds of conditions, so even though it was windy and a bit difficult in the final, you just go out there and try your best."

In the dying moments of the final, Javed completed a barrel spin and, everyone thought it could be enough to win the contest. Unfortunately for him, a 7.83 was not enough to overcome Ali.

"I heard some cheers and didn't know what was going on with Javed's last wave in the final seconds. Luckily, even though he earned a 7.83 for it, it wasn't enough, and I had the win. But I didn't know it until we both got back on the beach, and the MC announced the scores and that I'd won by less than a point. So stoked!" concluded Khushruwan.

Maldives Open 2015 | Bodyboarding Final

1. Ali Khushruwan (Maldives), 14.00 pts
2. Ali Javed (Maldives), 13.23 pts
3. Gavin Botha (South Africa)

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