Saving a man from drowning: we are all lifeguards

Two bodyboarders and lifeguards have rescued and saved the life of a distressed wave rider in Cape Town, South Africa.

This story tells us that we're not superheroes, even if we consider ourselves good swimmers, surfers, and bodyboarders. In the ocean, things can change dramatically in less than 10 minutes.

The waves were pumping in one of many breaks around Cape Town. Suddenly, a bodyboarder loses his board after a wipeout. Fellow riders Aden Kleve and Wilder Schultz notice something wrong.

The concussed bodyboarder is not able to escape the local rip current. As tired as he is, he struggles to stay afloat.

Aden manages to reach the exhausted bodyboarder, and in an incredible feat of skill, he gets the man onto his own board to catch a wave out of the impact zone.

The victim is in shock, definitely weak and disoriented. A few moments later, Schultz gets to them to help fight the rip and get the man out of the water.

Thanks to Aden Kleve and Wilder Schultz, their friend is alive. If you notice someone is drowning, don't hesitate - help and call for rescue. Tomorrow, you may need it too.

Learn how to avoid and survive rip currents.

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