UK Bodyboarding Association: the new British home of bodyboarding | Photo: Creative Commons

The United Kingdom Bodyboarding Association (UKBA) has been launched.

The announcement was made on social media on December 22, 2020, accompanied by a short statement.

"We are just getting started! 2021 here we come," the message read.

The newly-formed UK Bodyboarding Association will only reveal the details surrounding its creation in 2021.

The new organization will undoubtedly plan a series of competitions in British territory, despite the uncertainty around the global pandemic.

In 2020, the world tour was canceled, and only one international event was run - Frontón King.

The IBC World Tour, which was supposed to replace the former APB World Tour, got into sleep mode, and no further updates were available.

United Kingdom Bodyboarding Association: the new British sports organization launches in 2021

UKBA and Surfing England

It is not clear how the UKBA will operate from a formal perspective.

The national governing body for the sport of bodyboarding is Surfing England.

Will the UKBA work alongside Surfing England to deliver a fresh new bodyboarding tour format? Or will UKBA run its own independent competitive series?

The details involving the creation, mission, and team behind the UKBA will definitely help understand how the organization will work on the rebirth and revitalization of British bodyboarding.

UKBA could manage and run its own show and operations or merge with a well-established sports structure. The latter option could be a wise move, especially in difficult economic times.

Recently, the Brazilian Bodyboarding Confederation (CBRASB) announced that it became a full-time member at the Brazilian Surfing Confederation (CBSurf).

In other words, Brazilian bodyboarders joined the Olympic-sanctioned entity running wave riding sports in the country.

CBRASB runs its circuit but enjoys the "protection," promotion, and support from the parent entity.

Whatever path UKBA chooses, anything is better than nothing, especially having in mind that the UK has not had a competitive scene since 2013.

The latest consistent circuit was the British Bodyboard Club Tour, which ran from the early 2000s until 2013.

Since then, there has never been an independently-run bodyboarding circuit - the last Auto-Sleepers Tour British Bodyboard Club champion was Damian Prisk.

Hopefully, the UKBA could be a breath of fresh air for the sport in the Old Continent in a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the bodyboard.

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