Sammy Morretino: the Hawaiian won the 2012 drop-knee world title | Photo: Sintra Portugal Pro

Uri Valadão has taken out the 2021 Sintra Pro in Portugal.

The 25th anniversary of the Portuguese bodyboarding competition gathered riders from several continents.

For the first time in two years, professional and semi-professional bodyboarders competed at the highest level in a historical wave.

To celebrate the quarter-century of the Sintra contest, the organization set up a program to run five divisions.

The ocean and weather conditions varied throughout the six days of competition, with athletes paddling out in clean and highly contestable waves but also wind-affected lineups.

In the pro men's final, the 2008 IBA World Tour champion defeated Pierre-Louis Costes in a tight heat held in two-to-three-foot waves at Praia Grande.

The Brazilian bodyboarder had previously won the event in 2005.

In the women's competition, the 2019 world champion Sari Ohhara beat Filipa Broeiro, the fourth Portuguese ever to reach a Sintra Pro final.

Portugal's Madalena Padrela ended up claiming the inaugural women's pro junior world title, while David Perez Miranda, from Spain, clinched the men's pro junior trophy.

In the all-Hawaiian drop-knee final, Sammy Morretino won his fourth Sintra Pro trophy after defeating multiple-time world champion Dave Hubbard.

The 2021 Sintra Pro was an IBC World Tour-sanctioned contest.

2021 Sintra Portugal Pro | Finals

Uri Valadão (BRA) 15.25
Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 14.10

Sari Ohhara (JPN) 13.75
Filipa Broeiro (POR) 12.25

Sammy Morretino (HAW) 14.85
Dave Hubbard (HAW) 14.25

Men's Pro Junior
David Perez Miranda (SPN) 11.90
Gabriel Castro da Silva (BRA) 11.67
Joel Rodrigues (POR) 11.07
Louka Zaninotto (FRA) 9.50

Women's Pro Junior
Madalena Padrela (POR) 11.06
Mariana Rosa (POR) 10.33
Constança Silva (POR) 7.94
Mathilde Coudeyrat (FRA) 7.50

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