Uri Valadão wins Brazilian IBA stage

March 24, 2008 | Bodyboarding

Uri Valadão

Uri Valadao has defeated Luis Villar to take out the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro. Today, Brava Beach unvieled  the final day of the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro 2008. This was the second mens event of the IBA world tour (the first was Pipeline, Hawaii).

The waves were small and the on shore wind started to blow in the morning, making conditions really hard for the finalists. The woman’s highlight was Maira Viana that lost to Joselaine Amorin in the semifinal. Maira just turned professional this year and the Katherine Melo Bodyboarding Pro was her first pro event.

“I am very happy to get in 3rd place here. Now let’s see if I can get a sponsor and compete the tour.” The 3x times world champion Neymara Carvalho lost to Naara Carolyne in the semifinal and also finished 3rd overall.

The final heat was between the Brazilians Joselaine Amorin and Naara Carolyne. Joselaine found the best waves of the heat and had high  scores with rollos and 360s and won the Katherine Melo Pro.

“I am very happy to win here in Santa Catarina. There are four years that I don’t compete and in my return I win the biggest event in Brazil. I don’t know if I will compete the tour, because everthing is too recent in my head I will wait thing settle down and see what I will do.” Said the winner.
The mens final was between Uri Valadão and Luis Villar. Uri opened the heat with  very strong wave combination of ARS and rollos putting the pressure on Luis. When Uri got the lead he had some luck and the waves just did not appear and he sat on Luis for the rest of the heat. Luis had lots of crowd support but Uri was heading for his first IBA win.

With the win in Brazil Uri got the lead of the world tour 2008 and now is followed by the Pipe champion Paulo Barcellos and Luis Villar in 3rd.

Final Results

Woman Final:
01 – Naara Caroline (Bra) x Joselaine Amorin (Bra)

Men Final:
01 – Uri Valadão (Bra) 12,15 x 9,90 Luis Villar (Bra)

World tour ranking after 2 event’s

01 – Uri Valadão (Bra) – 2345 pts
02 – Paulo Barcellos (Bra) – 2000 pts
03 – Luis Villar (Bra) – 1750 pts
04 – Ben Player (Aus) – 1678 pts
05 – Hugo Pinheiro (Por) – 1630 pts
06 – Pierre Loius Costes ( Fra) - 1596 pts
07 – Guilherme Tâmega (Bra) – 1540 pts
08 – Amaury Laverhne (Reun) – 1513 pts
09 – Yeray Martinez (Cana) – 1363 pts
10 – Silvano Lourenço (Por) – 1303 pts
11 – Jeff Hubbard (Hav) – 1290 pts
12 – Magno Oliveira (Bra) – 1225 pts
13 – Manuel Centeno (Por) – 1200 pts
14 – Stephan Stamm (Bra) – 1040 pts
15 – Ardiel Jimenez (Cana) – 947 pts
16 – Gastan Entrudo (Por) – 939 pts

The IBA Men's Tour now heads to Australia for the Human Shark Island Challenge in July.

Source: IBA World Tour

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