Uri Valadão wins 2011 Noronha Ambiental Bodyboard Pro

March 25, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Uri Valadão: the Brazilian flyer

Uri Valadão has conquered the Noronha Ambiental Bodyboard Pro 2011, held in the amazing Fernando de Noronha Island, in Brazil. Waves were perfect for pro bodyboarding. Classic five foot rides offered competitors the ideal conditions to shine and show their skills.

Attitude, explosion, tactics and experience. Uri Valadão used his skills to beat a very focused José Otavio, in the final heat. Valadão, from the Bahia region, scored a total of 18.67 points out of 20 to be crowned champion.

The winner even managed to get a 10 point ride and the crowd in the beach went wild. In the end, Valadão got emotional after confessing that he'd always dreamed of winning a title in Fernando de Noronha.

In the DK category, the champion was Eriko Mafra. Joas Silva took the amateur competition and Kirtis Montenegro won the Women's ProAm contest.

2011 Noronha Ambiental Bodyboard Pro | Results

Men's Pro
1. Uri Valadão (BA)
2. José Otávio (RJ)
3. Fábio Rodrigues (CE)
3. Iraí Rodrigues (PE)

Women's Pro Am
1. Kirtis Montenegro (PE)
2. Priscilla Medeiros (RN)
3. Isabela Souza (CE)
3. Patricia Setubal (CE)

1. Ériko Mafra ( RN)
2. Rodrigo Bolinha (RJ)
3. João Marcelo (PE)
4. Adriano Silveira (PE)

1. Joas Silva (SE)
2. Eron (FN)
3. Ramon Daniel (SE)
4. Thibério Menese (SE)

1. José Otávio (RJ)
2. Rogério Silva (PR)
3. Saulo Lamounier (SE)
4. Ronaldo Figueredo (SC)