US bodyboarders get set for The Dave and Busters Sandy Beach Pro

July 6, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Jeff Hubbard: the world seen by one of the brothers

The 2010 Body Glove USBA Tour moves next to The Dave and Busters Sandy Beach Pro on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. With over twenty years of history the Sandy Beach Pro is ready to move into a new era. The beach that jumped started the sport of Professional Bodyboarding has continued to produce top notch talent.

Just coming off a win at the US Open in the Open Amateur division Oahu’s Trevor “Bu La “ Kam is looking to step it up in and make a run in the Pro division while still competing as an amateur.

Jacob Romero (Maui) is coming off his first USBA tour win ever at the US Open and is looking to build momentum off this win with a good shot at taking down six time USBA tour winner Jeff Hubbard (Kauai). JB Hillen of (Waianae, Oahu) is coming off a huge win in the 13-17 at the US Open ready to take on the nations best once again.

David Hubbard’s Drop Knee dominance in California will be challenged once again at Sandys with a huge talent pool, which is responsible for his progression year after year. Dave’s close friend from Kauai Bud Miyamato will be the first one in line to de thrown Dave’s 2009 title Sandy Beach Pro DK title.

From the main land we will see top contenders arrive on Oahu in the coming weeks. Names such as Maryland’s Brian Steorh (current US Drop Knee Champion) and California’s top USBA contender Jeremy Wright will be on hand for the event.

Also now living in Hawaii but originally from California Wally Sani will be a name to watch in the Drop Knee Pro division. The stage is set and the talent pool aplenty. Only time will tell who will be The 2010 Dave & Buster’s Sandy Beach Pro Champion.

Check in for competitors will be on Friday the 9th at Dave and Busters of Honolulu from 6pm – 8:pm.

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