Vert: one of the oldest bodyboarding publications in the world

Vert Magazine, one of the oldest bodyboarding publications in the world, will no longer hit the shelves of the surf shops.

It all started in November 1994 when three Portuguese friends decided to create their own bodyboard magazine.

The rest is history. Vert has inspired many bodyboarders and introduced young generations to the sport.

The news of a "Farewell Issue" is sending waves of shock, not only through the Portuguese bodyboarding community but also in a wider planetary spectrum.

Is the current state of pro bodyboarding destroying water sports media?

"We have no idea if this is a goodbye, but the truth is that the precarious state of the world economy - as well as the weak leaders of the bodyboarding industry in Europe and Portugal - is giving us a hard time," Vert explains in its last issue.

"However, with the very little we had in hand, we seek to do something that represent the real feeling of bodyboarding. Is there a better way than a bodyboarder upside-down in a super heavy wave?"

"In the end, consider this issue not just a goodbye, but rather as a... see you later! Hopefully, we'll be together pretty soon, sharing some waves and barrels". wishes Vert Magazine a quick return to the paper format and that it may keep a digital link with the bodyboarding community.

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