Sandy Beach: home of the inaugural Vintage Bodyboard World Championships | Photo: Manzano/Creative Commons

A group of veteran bodyboarders is planning to hold the inaugural Vintage Bodyboard World Championships at Sandy Beach, in Hawaii.

Ben Severson is one of the legendary boogie riders that will be setting up the classic bodyboarding event.

The Vintage Bodyboard World Championships run its first edition in August 2020, at the iconic shore break located on the South Shore of Oahu.

"It is a legitimate competition but, more than that, it is a chance for vintage bodyboarders to meet, hangout, and enjoy the fun of competing," Stephen Kirkman Kirkman wrote on the Vintage Bodyboard Collectors/Collective Facebook page.

The contest has been in the pipeline since the start of the year and will feature, not only vintage riders but also vintage bodyboard models.

Prone, Drop-Knee, and Stand-Up

There will be two open men divisions (Over 40 and Over 50), an open women division (Over 40), in which riders are welcome to ride prone, drop-knee or stand-up.

The vintage bodyboarding meeting will also host live Le Boogie podcast episodes, hosted by Joshua B. Kirkman, that will encourage fans to interact with the stars of the sport.

"We chose Sandy Beach because you've got to kick a vintage event at one of the most iconic places for bodyboarding," notes Stephen Kirkman.

"We all remember the old videos of the first bodyboarders ripping at Half Point, so the Vintage Bodyboard World Championships need to start there."

The organizers believe that this challenging, yet fun wave, will offer riders an excellent chance to perform and impress the crowd at the beach.

The event hasn't been sanctioned by the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), but it could be a good idea to merge both strengths.

The team behind the event also wants to involve the families of all competitors. There will be in and out of the water activities for children and coaching clinics.

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