Wedge Air Show gets live broadcast from Tolcarne Beach

June 14, 2011 | Bodyboarding
British Bodyboard Club (BBC) UK Tour: loads of spray available

The British Bodyboard Club (BBC) UK Tour will debut a live broadcast of an official competition, for the first time in history. The Bodyboard-Depot Wedge Air Show is set for the weekend of 2nd and 3rd July.

The second event of the national tour will take place at Tolcarne Beach. The wave is pretty popular among British bodyboarders. Wedgy rides rebound off the cliff and offer excellent sections for boosting huge aerial maneuvers, just yards from the beach.

In 2010, the contest has been conquered by Porthtowan local Alex Winkworth. Everyone is looking forward to an historical competition.

"The Wedge comp is the highlight of the year and always the most visually entertaining. You have a steep speedy wave bowling into a take-off zone which can enable riders to boost high off the lip of the wave and pull a variety of tricks", says Rob Barber, director of The Bodyboard-Depot.

"All the riders love the wedge and the crowd does too as it happens so close to shore. This year the tour is hotting up and the riders will be looking to put on a show to get those points up for grabs", he continues.

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