Bodyboarding in 1984: claiming is believing in yourself

In 1984, the bodyboard was hailed as "the most flexible wave-riding vehicle in the world."

Thirty years ago, surf narrator David Stanfield introduced ESPN viewers to a thrilling new sport in "The Beach Special."

The stars were Pat Caldwell, Mark Sutton, Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, David Cunniff, Daniel Kaimi, Jack Lindholm, "JP" Patterson, Lisa Miller, and a very young Mike Stewart.

If you were born after 1984, the following video may look and feel odd. But that's the way it was.

But if you lived the 1980s intensely, the footage, brands, and faces may look familiar and nostalgic.

The 1984 International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Professional Championships

Welcome to the 3rd International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Professional Championships, held in December 1984 in Pipeline, Hawaii.

In those days, barrels were barrels, but the way you rode boogie boards was radically different.

Take a look at how bodyboarders grabbed rails, pulled el rollos, and completed simple wave face "belly spinners."

Drop-knee rides were highly scored, even in the prone competition won by Mike Stewart.

The International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Pro Championships (1982-1994) were replaced by the Global Organization of Bodyboarders World Tour (1995-2002).

Later, the circuit would be once again renamed International Bodyboarding Association (2003-2013).

Watch and enjoy.

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