Teahupoo: it's bodyboarding time

What happens in Teahupoo stays in Teahupoo. Don't tell anyone about the wipeouts you're about to witness.

When surfers are out of the game, bodyboarders go for it. During the infamous mid-May swell of 2013, a group of prone riders decided to taste the real power of the Tahitian barrel.

Maui Leetham, Richard Niko, Jurd Heimana, Thibault Casabianca, and John Duval prepared their boards, leashes, and cameras and paddled into the devil with fin power only.

Perfect, clean, and fast tube rides were captured, as well as several blood drops. Bodyboarding in Teahupoo is all about timing and decision. Whether you're ready or you're never ready.

The following video contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. The first ridden wave is... a cold wipeout. Are you ready?

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