Where in the barrel is Ricardo Faustino?

June 3, 2013 | Bodyboarding
Ricardo Faustino: fast and deep in the pit

Ricardo Faustino, a Portuguese big wave bodyboarder, has been featured in a beautiful short movie by Dinis Sottomayor and Gustavo Imigrante.

If you're a bodyboarder and you live in Portugal, you're a lucky rider. With waves for all levels of experience, you can start trimming small summer lines until you're ready for the big challenges.

Faustino, a well-known big wave rider of the Portuguese coastline, has been exploring the powerful and deadly waves of Nazaré, for a long time, before the spot got hyped by the media.

Before the world records, Nazaré was already pumping serious mountains of water. In "The Faustino You Know", the filmmakers get a perfect portrait of what is like to be brought up in difficult conditions and reach the highest levels of bodyboarding performance in big waves.

Ricardo Faustino can easily defy fear, but he also knows when it's time to stop. Prepare your eyes for big walls of water, deep barrels, dangerous wipeouts and heavy slabs. It's the Faustino you know. From Espinho, with Northern old blood.