Who can win the 2011 world bodyboarding title?

October 31, 2011 | Bodyboarding
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The 2011 IBA World Tour is playing its final waves. The best bodyboarders in the world are excited to be part of the last stages, in the most thrilling waves in the Planet.

Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard only needs to win The Encanto Pro, in Puerto Rico, next week, to confirm his third world title. However, according to careful calculations by Ryan Hardy, which were confirmed by IBA head judge Craig Hadden, there are 12 other world title contenders, from five different nations, going into the second last event of the IBA Grand Slam Series world tour.

The 12 riders are Guilherme Tamega (BRA), Ryan Hardy (AUS), Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Dave Winchester (AUS), Mark McCarthy (ZAF), Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), Jared Houston (ZAF), Magno Oliveira (BRA), Ben Player (AUS), Dallas Singer (AUS), Jake Stone (AUS) and Uri Valadao (BRA).

According to Ryan Hardy there are three different groups of riders:

Group C: Ben Player, Dallas Singer, Jake Stone, Jared Houston, Magno Oliveira and Uri Valadao.

Group B: Amaury Lavernhe, Dave Winchester, Guilherme Tamega, Mark McCarthy and Pierre-Louis Costes.

Group A: Ryan Hardy.

If Jeff Hubbard places fifth, riders in Group C need to win, riders in Group B need to finish second or better and the rider in Group A needs to place third or better.

If Hubbard places third, riders in Group C are out of contention but Jake Stone and Magno Oliveira move into Group B while Dave Winchester and Guilherme Tamega move into Group A.

Riders in Group B need to win and riders in Group A need to place second or better.

If Jeff Hubbard comes second, riders in Group A need to win. If Jeff Hubbard wins the event, Ryan Hardy needs to place second in order for the title to be decided in the Canary Islands.

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