Who will tame the Chilean beast in 2016?

July 1, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Arica Chilean Challenge: a fantastic event in a spectacular spot | Photo: Jimenez/APB

All eyes are on the Arica Chilean Challenge 2016, in Chile. The 4-Star event is the fourth stop on the 2016 APB Tour season.

Jared Houston, winner of the 2015 edition, will be looking forward to defending the title against an all-star roster of experienced and talented young bodyboarders.

The 2015 world champion is eighth on the APB Tour rankings, but a win in Chile will catapult him up the leaderboard.

"I am so glad to be back in Arica for the ACC 2016 edition, and by looks of the forecast, it is going to be a great show once again. The wave 'Flopos' is one of the most consistent and heavy waves in the world, and I'm sure the level of competition will be raised once again," expressed Houston.

The Arica Chilean Challenge 2016 kicks off with the Trials competition. The local riders will have an opportunity to earn tickets into the main event. Alan Munoz, Chile's bodyboarding star, will certainly try to claim the event in front of his fans.

The contest runs from July 1st-10th, and will feature for the first time Men's, Women's, and Pro Junior divisions. The surf forecasters are expecting four-to-eight-foot waves for Flopos on the opening day of competition.

APB Tour 2016 | Rankings Before Arica Chilean Challenge 2016

1. Jeff Hubbard (HAW), 10000
2. Alex Uranga (EUK), 9280
3. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 9000
4. Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 6100
5. Dave Hubbard (HAW), 5700
6. Maxime Castillo (FRA), 5600
7. Tanner McDaniel (HAW), 5480
8. Jared Houston (RSA), 5420
9. Alan Munoz (CHI), 5200
10. Joao Zik (BRA), 4800

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