Why isn't Alvino Tupuai a World Tour bodyboarder?

March 29, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Alvino Tupuai: a vertical commitment at Teahupoo

Alvino Tupuai has not been under the radar of the pro bodyboarding world, but his latest video compilation "Imagine" is something worth watching.

How would you translate the concept of high-performance tube riding into real waves with real riders? Alvino Tupuai has the answer. The Tahitian was born on the 26th March 1990, and he proves to be the ultimate barrel master.

It doesn't matter if Teahupoo is closing out, or if it's breaking too fast. He just goes for it with a rare attitude. Tupuai could quickly become a World Tour competitor, even if in some spots where the barrel is not the standard.

And he charges anywhere. From Australia and Mexico to the indie spots of his home in Tahiti, AT is always ready for innovative challenges. Alvino Tupuai's nickname might say a bit about his personality - he is "Mr. OK Thanks."

"Imagine" is a colorful collage of Alvino's remarkable skills in and outside the barrel. Whether it's huge or small, this man often finds something creative to do in the wave.

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