Wildcards named for the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

January 20, 2011 | Bodyboarding

IBA Pipeline Pro: 30 years of tube riding

Alistar Taylor, Jason Finlay, Kainoa McGee and Jarret Lau are the wildcards selected to compete at the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro, to kick off in Oahu, Hawaii, between 15th and 25th February.

The holy grail of international bodyboarding will feature a Men’s, Women’s and DK Grand Slam all under the one umbrella. Thirty years ago, Tom Morey was designing the first high performance bodyboards and, since then, this competition has been calling out the best boogie riders in the world.

“We have some amazing plans for this years event”, says Terry McKenna, IBA Tour manager. There will be a live webcast, with multi-camera angles and replays. The waves start to be ridden on 12th February, with the two-day trials, set to Sandy Beach. Soon after, the Top 16 Pro men will enter the main event at Pipeline, along with the Top 3 Women and Top 4 Drop-Knee bodyboarders.

Lilly Pollard, Steph Pettersen and Claudia Ferrari are the female wildcards for the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro, while Mason Rose, Paul Roach, Matt Lackey, Nick Trotter, Kainoa McGee, Cassidy Sonoda, Jacob Pembroke and Bud Miyamoto take the DK free tickets to compete. “Just to surf Pipe with only three other riders is most bodyboarders idea of a dream. These spots will be treasured,” underlines McKenna.

Past legends of the Pipeline will not be forgotten. There will be a "Masters Final", showcasing several former champions. Michael “Eppo” Eppelstun, Daniel Kaimi, Steve “Bullet” MacKenzie and Ben Severson have confirmed their an exhibition "match" to take place on the last day, right before the Men’s final.

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