William and Harry: forget Wimbledon, let's hit the waves | Photo: Marc Giddings

The British Royal family is known for a profound passion for boardsports and watersports. Edward, Prince of Wales, had already debuted a connection with the ocean when, in 1920, he was photographed surfing waves in Hawaii.

Later, in August 1978, Prince Charles was spotted riding a windsurfer in Australia.

In a "Life" magazine photograph, Prince Charles shows his great physical shape and a matchless style.

This time, Prince William decided to give up his special seat at Wimbledon for an intense bodyboarding weekend with Harry, his brother.

The result? Party time.

William and Harry went for the waves on a Polzeath beach, in Cornwall, alongside a group of friends.

Kate Middleton's man had already enjoyed his bachelor party on a surf trip on the north Devon coast.

The Royal wave riders still need to train more in order to compete at the highest level.

Note Harry's amateur hand positioning in the nose of the board.

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