Winners crowned at the 2010 Goose Gosby Memorial

March 25, 2010 | Bodyboarding

Eric Medcalf: winner at the Goose Gosby Memorial

The Open Mens final was certainly a great spectacle with back flips galore and an awesome display of bodyboarding talent. It could easily have been a World Pro final anywhere in the world.

With 2-4 foot waves all day and beautiful sunshine all day, Port Macquarie really turned it on and we will be back next year to make it even bigger and better.

Congratulations to the spirit with which everyone participated and the results went as follows:

Cadets (14-15 yrs)
1st - Matt Guignon (Central Coast)
and also the winner of the U16's Perpetual Trophy provided by David's brother Andrew Gosby.
2nd - Keelan Pilbeam (Port Macquarie)
3rd - Cody Charnock (Port Macquarie)
4th - Troy Turner (Port Macquarie)

Juniors (16-17 yrs)
1st - Charlie Holt (Port Macquarie)
2nd - Alex Lincoln (Port Macquarie)
3rd - Jordan Peat (Central Coast)
4th Kane Pascoe (Port Macquarie)

1st - Lilly Pollard (Sydney)
2nd - Nichole Fleming (Sydney)
Emma Robi withdrew due to illness. But thanks for coming!

Drop Knee
1st - Keegan Cronin (Port Macquarie)
2nd - Jon Capilli (Port Macquarie)
3rd - Jon Churchward (Central Coast ?)
4th - Clayton Pickworth (Port Macquarie)
5th - Jordan Peat (Central Coast)

Open Mens (18 yrs +)
1st - Eric Medcalf (Qld)
2nd - Nathan Branch (Port Macquarie)
3rd - Sam Bennett (Port Macquarie)
4th - Johno Giacomelli (Sydney/Brazil)

In his Bodyboarding Resume, David Robert Gosby wrote:

“Started bodyboarding late 1986 and competing in August 1987. Bodyboarding has become a way of life for me and has also helped me make a lot of new friends. I enter as many contests as I can and I always give it my best shot. I enjoy competing and have a fairly good contest record, but I mainly body board for pure fun and the love of the Sport.”

Goose said “I don’t want to be famous. I just want to be remembered”.

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