World bodyboarders ask GoPro to save the Pipe Challenge

January 31, 2013 | Bodyboarding
IBA Pipe Challenge: the Hawaiian curse

The world bodyboarding community has launched a global plea to GoPro, so that the surf camera company may support the IBA Pipe Challenge 2013.

The IBA Pipe Challenge 2013 would be celebrating its 30th Anniversary. The classic opening stage of the world's most important bodyboarding tour is threatened by the lack of sponsors from the industry.

In a last-minute spree, bodyboarders from all over the world are asking GoPro to financially support the iconic Hawaiian event, with an online petition. Will it be enough?

"This is a cry for help, a proverbial call to arms. We are asking for Woodman Labs (parent company to GoPro) to get behind our beloved sport of bodyboarding and save the Pipe Comp, or in the very least get on board for next year's tour", the petition says.

"GoPro's sponsorship portfolio covers almost every extreme sport except bodyboarding. We're not asking for much, just enough to keep our sport alive. Please GoPro. Almost every bodyboarder on the planet who can afford one has a GoPro mount where their leash plug should be".

Meanwhile, several options have been laid on the table. A lo-fi Pipe Challenge, a point-only contest, a simple shoot-out format or a restricted prize-money event.

"The actions to save the Pipe event today are genuine but the primary objective is to hold a specialty event at Pipe in the original event window so people still get to surf Pipe with only four people out for the chance to win money", says Alex Leon, IBA World Tour manager.

"What is not likely to be on offer is World Tour points. The media production will be non-existent or very basic. This is what will be confirmed in the next 24 hours. If you can, I suggest holding off canceling your ticket for 24 hours", he adds.

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