World Bodyboarding Tour 2014 announced by pro riders

January 24, 2014 | Bodyboarding
World Bodyboarding Tour: new name, the same waves

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) has announced there will be a new global circuit named World Bodyboarding Tour.

The International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) and the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) will be working separately.

Alex Leon, the APB general manager, has announced that professional riders could not reach an agreement with IBA regarding the 2014 world tour.

Therefore, the APB will run its own World Bodyboarding Tour, with the kick off event being the 2014 Pipe Challenge, to be surfed between February 18th-28th. Science, Gyroll and MS Viper are the main sponsors.

"The new Star rating system tour will revert back to the original format that was used before the IBA Pty Ltd's Grand Slam Series (GSS) and Grand Qualifying Series (GQS)," says Leon.

"This one-world tour will allow athletes to choose which events to compete in and will also lower the financial costs of the athlete and the event promoter as this was a major hurdle in 2013".

The provisional schedule for the World Bodyboarding Tour includes stops in Hawaii, Chile, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Spain.

The 2014 Pipeline Challenge will be a 5-Star rated event, with 1800 points for first place. The Men's prize purse is of $25,000 while the Women's and Drop-Knee prizes reach $5,000.

The World Bodyboarding Tour 2014 | Provisional Calendar

Event 1:  Pipeline, Hawaii, 12-28 February
Event 2:  Arica, Chile, May
Event 3:  Antofagasta, Chile, May
Event 4:  Australia, June
Event 5:  Itacoatiara, Brazil, July
Event 6:  Sintra, Portugal, September
Event 7:  Venezuela, October
Event 8:  Puerto Rico, October
Event 9:  Fronton, Canary Islands, November