World's best bodyboarders train hard for Pipeline

January 28, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Mark McCarthy: the South African Airlines

The best bodyboarders in the world are training hard for the next competing season.

The 24 riders that will take on the elite of bodyboarding (Grand Slam Series) are surfing several world spots, in order to get the body ready for the biggest competition ever.

The South African star, Mark McCarthy is preparing himself for quite a long time. He has set up his training field in Richards Bay and has had a few good days. Also, he met a few underwater dudes.

"When waves are flat I out to sea and do some fishing and diving. Last week, I was fishing with my brother when the biggest tiger shark appeared while diving down there. I must say the experience was not so bad as I thought it was going to be", says McCarthy.

In the next days, Mark will head to Hawaii and will prepare himself for the first battle of the year: the IBA Pipeline Pro 2011. How good are his Forward Airs? Let's wait and see.

Dave Winchester is in Cyclone mode. The Australian is getting the best out of storm swells, in his newly called home: Kirra.

"I've never witnessed a beach break do what this place does. It was incredible and mind blowing to watch. I'm not heading to Hawaii yet, as it looks another cyclone swell is coming this week. Fingers crossed", says Winny.

Two-time world bodyboarding champion, Ben Player is already taking down the biggest waves Hawaii has to offer.

"I arrived in Hawaii six days ago and it has been non-stop. It’s been pumping. I’ve been surfing three times a day, every day, and I am really starting to feel it. My eyes are red and my skin rashed. Not to mention my molten mind", says Player.

So, it looks like everyone will be fit to the biggest bodyboarding tour ever. May the Gods be with Pipeline and may the riders take the bombs. The Pipeline Pro 2011 will be challenged between 15th and 25th February. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.