You only need a heart to ride a bodyboard

September 2, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Zachary Golebiowski: still riding

In December 2006, Zachary Golebiowski was attacked by a great white shark at Wharton Beach, 60 kilometers from Esperance, in Western Australia. He lost his right leg. But not his life.

Zac was doing what he loved - bodyboarding. He was rescued by his friend Joe Redman, 15, and his older brother San, who was 18 at the time. They saved his life and helped him continue enjoying life.

"It was a complete surprise attack. I (had) just got in the wave and was paddling back out, and it just hit me. It was such a weird feeling, all of a sudden everything just went really quiet," explains Zac.

Today, Golebiowski is 24 years old, and his smile is his trademark. Why? Well, he kept riding his board and having fun in the waves. That's his secret.

"My number one most asked question is 'how do you feel towards sharks now?' I have no gut feelings towards sharks whatsoever. It sucks that I've only got one leg now but, at the same time, it's just an animal. He was only doing what was natural to him. I've never supported the shark culls either."

"The Wrong Year/The Right Year" is a simple yet touching documentary about overcoming adversity and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. An example for wave riders out the back, and to all human beings in general.

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