Zancudo: star of stand-up bodyboarding

In its heyday, stand-up bodyboarding had a large number of followers and enthusiasts. Names like Cavin Yap, Chris Won Taloa and Danny Kim were some of the stars of this alternative movement born in the heart of bodyboarding.

Today, stand-up bodyboarding is reserved to an elite of riders. Australian filmmaker Joel Sharpe discovered a gem, somewhere in El Salvador. His name is Juan Hernandez, but he is also known as Zancudo.

In "Rail To Rail," Zancudo takes the stand-up bodyboarding potential to a whole new level. As Sharpe puts it, this is a the story of one surfer equipped with little more than a bodyboard and his own ingenuity, surfing the way he always wanted.

"When I tried to surf standing up, my friends who lent me their boards always got angry with me saying 'hey, why are you standing up on the bodyboard? You're going to ruin by bodyboard!'" explains Zancudo.

"And I said to them 'I'm not going to ruin it. Calm down! And they used to get annoyed with me. So sometimes they didn't want to lend me their boards."

Zancudo rips. His stand-up bodyboarding skills have impressed everyone. Maybe it's time to resurrect the fading art of stand-up bodyboarding in the competitive arena.

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