Zooming in on Mike Stewart

May 23, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Mike Stewart: the greatest bodyboarder of all time | Photo: Mana/Shutterstock

Mike Stewart has just turned 53. Can you believe it? Competing at the highest level on a World Tour against a new generation of riders that are less than half his age, with no signs of fatigue or loss of momentum.

Mike Stewart is a multidimensional individual. He is one of the most fierce bodyboarders, one of the most experienced wave connoisseurs on the planet, and one of the best surf coaches one can have.

Simultaneously, the Hawaiian waterman is a prolific entrepreneur, a dedicated contest organizer, a global traveler, and a master bodysurfer. Stewart lives and breathes salted water.

His latest video - entitled "Mike Stewart" - is an honest portrait of the competitive giant. In just three and a half minutes, you understand how this man went on to win nine world titles as a professional bodyboarder.

Watch how he finds and draws the fine line between a wipeout and a perfect tube ride, and how he carves his Science board on each wave. Dean Fergus and Robert Sherwood captured the essence of Stewart's spiritual connection with the ocean.

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