Things you didn't know about Tom Morey

Geniuses are rare, but people like Tom Morey are even more scarce. Let's duck dive into the exotic, colorful, and exciting life of bodyboarding's mastermind.

The man who invented the bodyboard - and many other revolutionary surf items and designs - is the ultimate dreamer of the dream.

Tom Morey's brilliant mind has always been free to create, improvise, and experiment. Not because he could, but because he had to, and needed to.

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The anatomy of a bodyboard

Take a look at everything you should know about a bodyboard. Learn what does what on a boogie board.

Modern bodyboards are advanced wave riding crafts. They are designed and shaped to deliver optimal performances in all types of ocean conditions. All attributes of a bodyboard have been fine-tuned so that each model serves a precise requirement.

Today, a bodyboard is way more than a simple waterproof foam board. There's science, knowledge, and experimentation in it. The most popular bodyboard manufacturers take all variables into consideration before releasing their portfolio.

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Pro bodyboarding expands TV rights to 22 countries

The 2017 APB World Tour will be broadcasted live to 22 countries.

The joint-venture between the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) and aims to expand the visibility of bodyboarding across the globe.

The new live stream deals will allow viewers in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Maldives, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand to enjoy all the action from this year's pro bodyboarding season.

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