Jeff Hubbard: he stretches for hours everyday

Stretching is one of the most important variables in top bodyboarding performance. You can find critical differences after undergoing a stretching plan for a few weeks.

Duck dives, vertical drops, huge ARS and Rollos have impact in your body. Injuries come you cannot handle hard landings and tough movements. That's when stretching comes with very positive results.

There are many ways to get your body more elastic. If you're willing to spend 30 minutes a day with a few simple stretching exercises, your muscles will deliver completely new performances out in the waves.

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Bodyboarding: a sport that chases surfers

Riding waves under grey skies and choppy waters is never a surfer's dream. Now, can you imagine how harder it would be if your surf peak got invaded by a group of 30 bodyboarders?

Matt Danskin and Noah Chaply envisioned a bodyboarding raid and, suddenly, Salt Creek Point turned into the worst surfing nightmare. Each time there was only one rider in a wave, the anarchy group would drop in and end your ride.

Surfers didn't know what they could do to enjoy a fair ride. They would be immediately followed by the raiders, in any surfable wave. Watch what happened.

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Uri Valado: not a yellow smile

Uri Valadão and Eunate Aguirre have conquered the Sintra Portugal Pro 2011, in challenging 2-3 foot shifty waves at Praia Grande. The best bodyboarders in the world saw a Brazilian Men's final match between Valadão and Eder Luciano.

“I am so happy to win here for the third time. I love this event and the people here are amazing. It felt so good to be in a final with a fellow Brazilian, especially Eder”, said Uri. “Without all the Brazilian support here, I could not have won this battle. Thank you all!” Valadão added.

For the majority of the final, Valadão had a strangle-hold on Luciano, who required a 9.25 to win. Valadao’s fast and controlled ARS, spin and roll combinations earned him an impressive 8.25 and a 7.5 ride. Watch the final video highlights.

With the valuable 2000 points accompanying his first win in 2011, Valadoa now moves up out of 16th into 10th spot on the GSS World Tour rankings.

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