Magno Oliveira: he lives inside barrels

Deep tube riding performances pumped another day of action at the 2011 Agit/Turbo Zicatela Pro, held in 4-to-6 waves at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. The best 16 riders have already been chosen.

The Round 4 will feature a series of eight man-on-man heats. Magno Oliveira and Dave Hubbard, seeds No. 1 and 2 respectively, were the only competitors to win all of their leaderboard phase heats. Dave Winchester managed to win his Round 3 heat today and secure himself the 3rd seed slot into Round 4.

Mitch Rawlins also won his Round 3 heat, posting the highest wave score of the day, a high-flying invert, rewarded by the judges with 8.25 points out of 10. Rawlins shares a combined Leaderboard score of 14 points with fellow Australians Ben Player, Joe Clarke, Ryan Hardy and Michael Novy, who have all won their Round 3 heats.

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Bodyboarding in Wales: Rob Barber is teaching everyone

The ThreeSixty Bodyboard Magazine's Coaching Tour has been spreading the bodyboarding virus through the UK beaches. This time, 17 bodyboarders aged between 16 and 53 got in touch with the sport and developed their skills in Llangenith, Wales.

The Tour, an initiative of current UK Senior Champion Rob Barber aims to increase public awareness of bodyboarding through five stops at prime surf locations, in the UK and Ireland.

The group comprised of a great mix of experienced bodyboarders looking to refine techniques and work on specific manoeuvres to riders who were complete novices, testing the water for the first time.

The first day the crew were treated to some challenging overhead waves at Llangenith. The conditions provided the group with plenty of opportunity to practise paddling, duckdiving and wave selection.

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Mitch Rawlins: he will be starting a new airline company

Round 2 was completed in 3-4 foot barreling peaks, ideal for technical tube riding a high-flying airs. With only one last chance to improve their rankings, some riders find themselves in a challenging position, requiring a win in Round 3 to progress, where as others can afford to relax as their position in the top half of the draw is secure.

Each rider receives 6 points for a win, 4points for 2nd place, 3 for a 3rd and only 1 point for 4th. This presents a task to accumulate enough points throughout Round 1, 2 and 3 to make it into the top 16, which advance out of the Leaderboard stage and into the final phase of the Grand Slam event.

Having won their Round 1 and 2 heats, 2 x World Champion, Jeff Hubbard, brother Dave Hubbard (HAW) and Brazilian powerhouse, Magno Oliviera are in a commanding lead with 12 points a piece. In the past two events, any rider with 10 or more points out of a possible 18 has made it into the top 16 and safely into Round 4. Any ties around on the 16th seed mark will be decided by the highest individual wave score of the 3 rounds.

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