Glen Thurston: hang in there, mate

The 2011 Turbo Zicatela Pro is pumping outstanding bodyboarding waves, as Round 1 of the leaderboard stage has been completed. Pierre Louis Costes scored an impressive combined heat total of 15.50 out of 20.

The French rider got an incredible 8.75 for a single backflip to defeat Dave Winchester, Igor Sanchez and local rider Ulises Rodriguez.

“I feel we have an amazing tour this year, even better than surfing. Its like a dream come true to be on this tour. I cant wait to go the next event”, said Costes.

Ben Player also won his Round 1 heat with a total score of 13. 40 out of 20. Player is no stranger to the Mexican or Hawaiian Pipeline, having traveled to both on numerous occasions, he knows all to well how dangerous and powerful these waves are.

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Sergio Alonzo: he will have go with the pros

Sergio Alonzo has won the Turbo Zicatela Pro Trials, narrowly beating Joe Clarke in 2nd and strangle holding Igor Sanchez, third, and Ulises Rodriguez, fourth, both requiring a combination of scores to win.

Alonzo scored an impressive 9.15 on a high flying invert to secure his position into the 2011 AGIT/Turbo Zicatela Pro Grand Slam as the top seeded trialist. “I am really happy I made it into the GSS event,” Sergio elated. “Now, I will give it my all! ”

Sergio has his work cut out with a GSS round 1 matchup against 05/07 World Champion, Ben Player, Dallas Singer and fellow trialist, Jack Cerne.

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Zicatela: choose your favourite side

The highly regarded Zicatela Pro is the third stop of the 2011 IBA World Tour and is gearing up for an amazing bodyboarding show.

Already being billed as the the biggest stop of the entire tour, Playa Zicatela is the long stretch of beach located on the east side of Puerto Escondido. It is the region's main surfing area and has historically attracted surfers from all over the world.

The principal surfing season runs from April to November when ground swells of up to 15ft break into hollow tubes! Making this one is for the experts only, no amateurs and no room for error.

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