Middles Beach: enough for you?

Puerto Rico will host the first ever bodyboarding contest sanctioned by the IBA. The island is preparing to run the Encanto World Series (EWS), from November 2nd-13th, in Middles Beach, Isabela.

"Ever since I started competing in the IBA World Tour, I dreamt of the day my island could host one of the world tour events and have the opportunity to show the same hospitality other countries have shown me. This is a dream come true", says event co-organizer, Natasha Sagardia.

"The eyes of the world will be on Puerto Rico this next November and we will show just how magical the Island of Enchantment is", she adds.

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Jeff Hubbard: bragging rights in Puerto Escondido

Jeff Hubbard has conquered the 2011 Zicatela Pro after beating Ryan Hardy, in epic wave bodyboarding conditions held in the primary venue of Puerto Escondido, in Mexico.

The final was battled in 10-to-15-footsets breaking in with a jet ski assist. It was one of the best bodyboarding days ever surfed in the glorious South American peak. Watch the highlights.

Big swell, long period and inside super power close-outs. The main ingredients were cooked for an insane duel between two experienced big wave riders. It was a true Australia versus Hawaii gladiators battle.

Hubbard opened with the biggest air reverse of the entire event, in a scary white water bomb. Unfortunately for him, he could come out of the powerful foam: 5 points. Hardy answered with a smaller but completed wave: 4.5 points. The judges wanted big waves and big moves and the bodyboarders out in the line-up knew that.

After the initial waves, the final entered a lull period and few waves were ridden. As time passed by Hardy looked to improve his low scoring. He caught a medium-sized wave to equal things with Hubbard: 10.5. Unbelievable. The last six minutes got everybody cheering out in the beach.

Then, it was Hubbard's time. A huge inverted air changes things for his side. He could only claim it: 8.5 points.

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Ryan Hardy: bottom lover

The final eight bodyboarders have been decided to fight for the 2011 Zicatela Pro, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Standouts included Ryan Hardy, Ben Player and Jared Houston. Hardy managed to find his momentum in Round 3, walking away with a win, to securing the final slot into Round 4.

Matching up against Magno Oliviera, Hardy remained consistent, fending off the Brazilian, as he did at stop two of the IBA GSS Tour in the Box Pro final in April 2011.

Heat 2 of the day saw Guilherme Tamega, defeat Joe Clarke. Tamega, a multiple World Champion knows all to well what is required to win. At ease in big surf and fresh off a win at the previous GSS event in Chile, the seasoned Brazilian is bound to go down without a fight.

“I like big conditions, but at the same time it’s really tough. It’s just so rewarding when you get a big barrel, there is no replacement for that,” Tamega added.

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