Neymara Carvalho

Another World Title was being decided here between the Brazilian duo of Neymara Carvalho, the seasoned campaigner and multi decorated world champion and Jessica Becker the new kid on the block at just 20 years of age.

In the first semi Jessica and Natasha were just too strong for Australian Lily Pollard and in the second Neymara and Eunate did the same to the other Aussie Emma Cobb.

The day finished with two of the most entertaining man on man semi’s I’ve ever seen.

Both Neymara and Jessica needed a finals berth or the World title would be forfeited to the other contender.

In the first one Natasha seemed to have the edge on Jessica when with just minutes remaining Jessica pulled out a great tactical move on Natasha when she used priority to take a set wave that netted a 9.5 average. Jessica into the final and exit Natasha.

Neymara was watching the outcome closely and the pressure was now thrown her way and with an opponent like Eunate Aguirre she was always going to have her work cut out.

Neymara held a slight lead throughout the heat with Eunate pulling into some deep tubes that pinched her right on the way out.

Only one of them allowed her a clean exit and she looked like coming back until Neymara scored a perfect 10 and hammered the hopes of the Spaniard.

In one of the ultimate scenarios, Becker and Carvalho will now contest the final and whoever wins will be the World Champion.

This sort of ending couldn’t even be dreamed up by Hollywood script writers.

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Dave Hubbard conquers the IBA DKWT

As far as exciting action goes it doesn’t get much better than today at the last event on the IBA World Tour event at Confital.

It all started with the Drop knee final. Up for grabs was a IBA DKWT title and the two guys in the race this year were both in the final.

Ardiel Jiminez from the Canary Islands and Dave Hubbard from Hawaii both chased events in Ferrol (Spain) Isla De margarita (Venezuela) and here at Confital in an attempt to capture the crown.

It was a 45-minute affair and the lead seesawed back and fourth between the two but in the end Ardiels tight snappy frontside gouges proved more effective and he took first place.

“ I am stoked!! This is the best feeling ever to win at home…. I can’t explain my feeling” said an elated Jiminez.

Dave Hubbard (AKA Dubb) was happy with second as he scored enough points to secure the World title.

This was Dave’s third World Championship after claiming victory in 1995/96.

“ Yeh for sure I am stoked Bro” said the cruizey Hawaiian.

“ I really hope that more of the promoters attach DKWT events to the Championship next year and that more underground riders come and get involved” said Dubb.

Third place went to Australian Dave Winchester and Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii) finished fourth.

The event went on hold at this point, as El Confital is not a low tide friendly break.

When we rocked back up in the afternoon it was great to see that the first lines of a fresh swell were starting to wrap along the reef and the girls in the WWT semi’s put on their warpaint and went to battle.

El Confital 2008

Day two at Confital dished up some astounding performances as the Top seeds in the Women’s hit the water for first time in clean 3-4 feet barrels.

The swell was marginally smaller than yesterday but some of the sections were bordering on sublime.

When riders paddled into the good ones, the whole point just rose to their feet in anticipation. A hundred metres of clean glassy wall with a dog leg end bowl to die for…this is the sort of stuff that you drool over in your dreams.

To start the day the riders in R3 went to work off the back of an early low tide and David Galindo set a great standard with a solid win in heat 1.

Other heat winners from round three were Kevin Orihuela (Esp) AitorOjeda (Esp) Jofre Gonzalez (Esp) Jose’ De La Cruz (Esp) Miguel Micias (Esp) Yusako Kyotani (Japan) and Alvaro Padron (Esp)

With the tide coming in and a huge crowd building the stage was set for an incredible showdown with four girls all vying for the IBA World Women’s crown.

Jessica Becker, Isabella Sousa & Neymara Carvalho all from Brazil and the lone European Eunate Aguirre from Spain all needed to progress out of round 1 and the pressure was on from the get go.
In heat 1 Rita Pires (Port) and Emma Cobb (Aust) were just too strong for Catarina Sousa and Rio Clarke.

Heat two went to Former World Champion Marina Taylor (Cny) with Eunate Agirre (Spn) outclassing Neuza Mochacho (Port)

Heat three saw an upset when Isabella Sousa was beaten in third place by Luz Marie Gran Perez (Prc) and Jessica Becker (Brz)

Isabella was humble in defeat.

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