Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro

One of the most iconic brands in the sports history has thrown its weight behind this years Pipe event set down for February 17th – 27th.

Turbo Bodyboards is the naming rights sponsor for the first event on this years IBA World Men’s Tour (WMT).

Gregg Taylor from Turbo is excited about the partnership.

“Turbo are keen to get the Pipe event back to the level that it deserves.”

“It’s always been the Holy Grail of Bodyboarding and we are very determined to get the event back to the lofty heights that it peaked at in the last millennium” said Taylor.

Turbo have recently signed up some big names to the label and are on a Global assault with the product now being licensed Worldwide, so the Pipe event will be the perfect promotional vehicle for them to raise Global awareness.

Local nightclub Senor Frogs have also come on board as a supporting sponsor and will host several competitor nights during the event window.

Entry forms are available now and its suggested that you print, complete, scan and attach your entry form to an email asap to ensure that you don’t miss out.

A PO Box address will be available soon for those wishing to post entry forms “the old school” way.

Please note that no cheques or money orders will be accepted. Only direct deposits, paypal deposits or US$ cash at check-in will be accepted. Please retain all receipts and transaction records.

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I Try Stupid Things

Sam Buckle's latest offering, I Try Stupid Things, sees Sam focusing his keen editing skills and love for crazy waves almost entirely on Cornwall, and he has captured some amazing looking slab, wedge and backwash footage.

The film is also very strong on DK action throughout and features a ripped section by Aidan Salmon, along with some shocking footage of Kirstin Prisk kicking out the tail in nothing but his underpants.

Overall there is a very 'up close and personal' feel to a lot of the action, which is guaranteed put a big fat smile on the face of your average adrenaline junky.

The Sin City-style editing techniques are not only beyond anything you'll have seen in a UK bodyboarding DVD, they are way more advanced than many international bodyboarding DVDs. Sam's put some serious time into this project and it's paid off.

Running time: Approx. 45 minutes plus bonus sections.

Special offer: Buy I Try Stupid Things and get La Familia FREE! Check the box below. Limited stock.

Fitzroy Surf Club

Five New Plymouth teens narrowly escaped drowning after being swept out to sea at Fitzroy Beach yesterday afternoon.

The group had been playing volleyball and decided on a change of pace so they jumped in the sea for a swim. Soon after entering the choppy windswept water, a strong rip took hold of them, pulling them out to sea and along the beach.

Only quick action by bodyboarders and surfers averted what the victims say could have been a very tragic day. One of the rescuers was self-employed builder Jason Buchanan. The 17-year-old had been body boarding with a friend when the group first got into trouble and was quick to get involved in their rescue.

"One girl asked me for my board so my mate Baxter took her in and I went out and helped the other four," he said.

Tom Jones, 17, said they had felt like their lives were in serious danger until Mr Buchanan arrived. "Thank God for that Jason guy. If he wasn't there ... well, it would have been much worse."

Emma Hayward, 16, said she had been swimming at Fitzroy for as long as she could remember and had never experienced anything like the rip that dragged the group out to sea. "We were just standing there up to our waist and then it came on so strong."

Surfer Johnny Mac, a lifeguard at New Plymouth's Aquatic Centre, had been watching the group from near the Fitzroy Surf Club. As soon as he realised what was happening he grabbed his longboard and went out to help along with two other surfers and the body boarders.

In the confusion of the rescues they believed there were still people in the sea even after they had seen everyone safely to the beach.

"The old heart went through the roof for a while there. We thought there were three other people out there so we stayed out looking for them. But you can't see much when you're out there," he said.